Football Nerd – Euro 2016 – Thoughts after the First Round from Stig (aka The Norwegian Womble)

Just in case anyone missed the first round of group matches (as if!), my friend Stig posted a nice summary of the best and worst so far; with apologies for any Google translate vagaries:

 If you’ve missed something in Euros, you need not despair. I’ve been keeping myself up to date, and can share with you everything you need to know after all teams have played one game. Here’s an attempt at a summary:
Best Free Kick: Eric Dier, England

Best free throws: Payet, France

Best Through-ball: Bonucci’s pass from own defence ahead of Italy’s first goal.

Best Rescue: Akinfeev (Russia) its re-creation of the famous Gordon Banks-Classic.

Most Fouls: Skrtel (Slovakia)

Most Fouls teams: Slovakia

Worst Mullet 1: Zuzolyo

Worst Mullet 2: Vida

Worst Mullet 3: Alaba (like Steve Bruce  with blonde bingo-curls)

Most misleading name 1: Immobile – the one who ran the most after he came on.

Most misleading name 2: Fuchs – although he once landed on top of co-Star.

Euro-Trend: Dance – all sailing around on the grass, totally without a foothold.

C-moment 1: Modric (Croatia) His shot live

C-Moment 2: Candrevas pass and pellés volley on andremålet to Italy

Worst supporters: Russia

Best Supporters: Wales

Surprise 1: that crazy high level on the referees. Moen is the exception, who missed the penalty Wales obviously should’ve had.

Surprise 2: the championship has been as good as cleared for dribleraid.

Surprise 3: that untrained schweini ran from midfield to the Ukraine penalty area and scored.

Teams that have been surprisingly good: Croatia, Poland, Italy, Wales.

Teams that have disappointed: Belgium, Russia, Austria

Players who have impressed: Payet, Bonucci, Bale, Modric, Iniesta, Candreva, De Bruyne

Players who’ve disappointed: Lukaku, Kane, Sterling, Ronaldo, Alaba, Xhaka (Switzerland. Most disappointing because Arsenal thought they had signed a jewel)


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