Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings: #Jacketball makes a welcome return against struggling Oldham and a positive result in the EFL Trophy for the squad players

After the impressive enough, even if slightly disappointing, draw in South Wales it was back to the home comforts of Brisbane Road for the O’s this week, the first a league match against a struggling Oldham Athletic followed by a Tuesday evening EFL Trophy Group Stage match. Going into Saturday’s game against Oldham there can’t […]

Football Nerd Euro Ramblings: Football may not be coming home (just yet!) but Euro 2020 gave us all the lift we needed after a hellish year and a half.

So football didn’t come home in the end, instead it proved to be a fairly predictable defeat that not only punctured the feelgood vibes that most of the country has been enjoying, but brought us all crashing back down to earth with a bump. That the defeat ultimately came via a penalty shootout felt almost […]