Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings- No case for the defence – does defending really matter in the Premier League anymore?

The self-styled greatest league in the world returned last weekend with the usual hyperbolic hoopla; although for those of us forced to enjoy a far-from-traditional Friday evening start to the season, there was a more than slightly surreal feeling to the proceedings. In all fairness to the relentless Premier League PR/ excitement machine, the football […]

Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings – FA Cup win secures Wenger’s future while all eyes focus on Cardiff for the final game of the season.

I approached the FA Cup Final this season in a resigned fashion, utterly convinced of the inevitably of Chelsea winning and completing their second double. However that simple acceptance meant that I was just going to approach the game with a more relaxed attitude and the intention of just enjoying the day as an event, […]

Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings – Arsenal condemned to Thursday night football while Manchester United and Ajax show two different approaches to building a team.

In the end, seemingly comfortable victories for Manchester City and Liverpool, finally condemned Arsène Wenger and Arsenal to the Europa League as they missed out on the Champions League gravy train for the first time in 20 years. So often over past seasons qualification for a place at European’s top table has been something of […]