Four go on a Russian World Cup Adventure – Part 3: St Petersburg – Wednesday 20th June to Friday 22nd June 2018.

In case you missed:   Part 1:   Part 2:   Wednesday 20th June (continued) The hotel was only about a twenty minute walk from the station and after we had checked in, (stone cold sober we hasten to add!), we headed down to the bar to watch Portugal beat Morocco and sample […]

Four go on a Russian World Cup Adventure – Part 2 (still) Moscow- Tuesday 19th of June & Wednesday 20th June 2018.

(In case you missed Part 1: Tuesday 19th of June – Poland 1 Senegal 2 – Spartak Stadium   After another crazy and somewhat hazy night sharing our collection of Space Food with the bar staff, random guests and anyone else we could find; it is fair to say that we were all a […]

Football Nerd – World Cup Russia 2018 – Reflections on the Round of 16- England make us believe and a look ahead to the Quarter Finals.

Well wasn’t that absolutely typical? Didn’t you just know that if England were to reach the Quarter Finals they would do it the hard way and in dramatic fashion? Just when those of us struggling to keep the faith after recent tournament failings had started to believe again, England did what they always do, except […]