Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Over to you Mr Embleton!

Well hasn’t it been a thoroughly humbling if not completely depressing return to action for the O’s? I had literally just finished gathering my thoughts for my latest contribution to the Orientear and (spoiler alert coming ahead of Saturday’s publication!) wondering whether with eighteen games still to play, including an intense run of nine games […]

Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Familiar failings in attack for Orient while League One and Two players protect their own interests.

Originally, as I normally do when the O’s are in the two games in a week routine, I was planning to write about Saturday’s goalless draw at home to Colchester United within the context of what had happened up in Cumbria in the rearranged fixture against Carlisle. However as we are all too aware, first […]

More rumours of a European Super League: a clear indication that football’s never-ceasing pursuit of wealth is ruining the game as we used to know and love it.

In stories that seem to be becoming increasingly frequent during these financially bleak times for society and of course football, we have had yet another story about the potential advent of a European Super League. This one was revealed by the Times a couple of weeks back and involves a group of fifteen founder member […]