Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Arsenal 2018 when faith becomes delusion.

The misguided sense of entitlement and over-hyped expectation of the modern football fan, the sense that because we pay a fortune to watch the games we are somehow owed something in return; is a sentiment for which I have little sympathy ( However, the very least that we can expect from our team is commitment, […]

Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Arsenal are proactive in the transfer window for once…but will it be enough to breathe life into their season?

So that’s it, it’s all over for another seven months, the transfer window has ‘slammed shut’, Jim White of Sky Sports News has packed away his yellow tie, the reporters sent off to cold football stadium car parks across the country can now get back to the jobs they actually trained for and Riyad Mahrez, […]

An Arsenal Nerd’s Diary- 7 games in 23 days. Part Six.

Another football match and another competition. This time it was the quarter finals of what is currently called the Carabao Cup or for us stubborn traditionalists, the League Cup. For years now this competition has been seen by Premier League clubs as an opportunity to give playing time to youngsters and fringe squad players; however […]