Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Over to you Mr Embleton!

Well hasn’t it been a thoroughly humbling if not completely depressing return to action for the O’s? I had literally just finished gathering my thoughts for my latest contribution to the Orientear and (spoiler alert coming ahead of Saturday’s publication!) wondering whether with eighteen games still to play, including an intense run of nine games […]

Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Reasons to be cheerful: Orient snatch another win while it looks like we might be back at Brisbane Road very soon.

As disappointing as it was to exit the FA Cup at the first obstacle for the fifth consecutive year, it may have helped Orient in this hectic season with its condensed timeframe. We have already seen the benefits of having a week off from the Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday routine and a relatively settled squad with the wins […]

Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings: Will the worsening Covid financial crisis be the end of English football as we know it?

Another week and another blog post that by necessity has to focus on the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the restrictions on football fans being able to return to stadiums (Spoiler Alert: not anytime soon!) and the impact that this increasingly looks like having on football. However, let’s start with the relatively good news, […]