Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings: International break boredom, VAR creates an un-level playing field and Orient one step away from Wembley.

Interlull Tedium So here we are in the deepest darkest depths of another Interlull (© Arseblog), after the relative excitement generated by the fledgling Nations League, this one sees a return to the overwhelming tedium of qualification for Euro 2020. Back in 2016 when the Euros expanded to 24 teams, it was suggested that the […]

Football Nerd Weekly Ramblings – Not another insufferable International Break!

So we find ourselves at the start of yet another International break in the domestic football programme, or as popular Arsenal blogger Arseblog has christened them, ‘Interlulls’. The marginal amount of anticipation for England followers comes with the sacking of Sam Allardyce and the appointment of Gareth Southgate as interim coach; although in all honesty […]