Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Is it really worth it?

Normally when I sit down to write these blog posts, the words, thoughts and opinions flow easily and I have rattled through a thousand words or so without even realising it. Today however it feels very different.

Many of the Orient faithful, especially those who we have met on our travels will already know what transpired when we tried to gain access to The New Lawn on Tuesday evening, some I know witnessed it. Not wanting to rake over old coals, I won’t go into further details about what went on but suffice it to say that the entire incident has left me questioning whether it is all really worth it?

As regular readers will already know, the missus and I had set our sights on going to every Orient game we possibly could this season, and every single one of the away trips has been incredibly good fun, by our own admission probably the best football-watching experiences of our entire lives. Now I find myself questioning whether I even want to go to the matches I already have tickets for, and trains and hotels booked. Deep down of course I know I will be back, certainly at home to Rochdale tomorrow and then more than likely at Harrogate on Tuesday.

Through this whole incident the support of the “Orient Family” has been immense and it makes me realise (yet again!) just what a special club and bunch of supporters I have found through my football obsession. I hope to see you all very soon.

For those who support other clubs, especially those in the lower divisions, I would urge extra special caution when attending certain matches.

With my apologies for the melancholy tone to this week’s post, normal service to be resumed next week, I promise!

Thank you for reading!

Orient Nerd

Up the O’s

2 thoughts on “Orient Nerd Weekly Ramblings- Is it really worth it?

  1. Wow! Something has unsettled you.

    Next time I’m over we’ll have to have a few pre match beers. The Last time was Charlton away in the Cup!!

    Cheers! A bientôt… à bicyclette ou à pied !! Glenn Sent from the Bicyclette Go ! iphone


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    1. I’m sure I will be fine once I get back into the Orient routine starting tomorrow and I know I will go to Harrogate on Tuesday!

      Definitely up for a few beers next time you are over- as long as it isn’t in Nailsworth! It’s been way too long,


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